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Throwback Thursday: 2013 in Review

And so another winter vacation ends. A full twenty-four hours later than expected, I arrived back in Aomori late last night from a two-week journey across northern India and Nepal. It was nothing short of amazing and I’m sure I’ll be spamming you, dear readers, with tales of my adventures for at least a month or two to come. (A giant middle finger to China Southern, though, for canceling my first flight without any sort of explanation, which made me miss my flight back to Japan. Were I part of the Targaryen clan, I would lay siege to you with my dragons in grim satisfaction.)

Between jetlag and sheer laziness, I almost let this Thursday slip by without a throwback post…until I read an awesome post by one of my favorite fellow travel bloggers, Sally, who runs A Breath of Foreign Air. Her post about the defining moments of her 2013 made me think of my own highlights of this past year. So without further ado, here are the experiences that made 2013 a year to remember. Continue reading Throwback Thursday: 2013 in Review

2013 Hirosaki Apple Marathon

Runner #5318, reporting in.
Runner #5318, reporting in.

I like to think that Coaches Patterson and Donovan, my junior high cross country coaches, would have be proud of me. As I mentioned in this post, it wasn’t until the past eighteen months or so that running became a regular part of my life. Six months ago, running even two miles without pause was beyond me, but during the first weekend of October, I successfully completed the 10K race in the annual Hirosaki Apple Marathon. When I’d originally signed up, I’d flirted with the idea of running the half marathon. While I probably could have done it, I likely would’ve kept up a steady inner monologue of choice expletives, so I’m pretty satisfied with having finished the 10K. Continue reading 2013 Hirosaki Apple Marathon

Hamanasu Hijinks: Or, “When Did I Become a Runner?!”

My years in seventh and eighth grades were extremely dark ones, filled with lots of physical pain and feelings of “can’t I just stay in bed all day?” And it wasn’t because I got hit with the triple adolescent whammy of braces, glasses, and an overly active affinity for refined carbs. Nope, I hate looking back upon that period because those were the years of my ill-advised cross country and track career. Continue reading Hamanasu Hijinks: Or, “When Did I Become a Runner?!”