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2013 Hirosaki Apple Marathon

Runner #5318, reporting in.
Runner #5318, reporting in.

I like to think that Coaches Patterson and Donovan, my junior high cross country coaches, would have be proud of me. As I mentioned in this post, it wasn’t until the past eighteen months or so that running became a regular part of my life. Six months ago, running even two miles without pause was beyond me, but during the first weekend of October, I successfully completed the 10K race in the annual Hirosaki Apple Marathon. When I’d originally signed up, I’d flirted with the idea of running the half marathon. While I probably could have done it, I likely would’ve kept up a steady inner monologue of choice expletives, so I’m pretty satisfied with having finished the 10K. Continue reading 2013 Hirosaki Apple Marathon

Dr. Ashtanga: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Downward Dog

The first time I tried yoga, I don’t think I ever I ever hated something with such vitriol. It was a morning class I took my junior year of college to fulfill my physical education requirement. I thought that it would be a refreshing way to start my day. Plus it was “only” yoga, the sport of choice for mommy bloggers across America. If they could do it, so could I. After all, how hard could an hour of basic stretching two times a week be?

As it turns out, pretty damn hard. I learned the hard way that while yoga might look easy (and you can make it easy if you’re lazy and stick to the simple poses), it isn’t all breathing deeply and feeling zen. Insert derisive laugh here. If only… Continue reading Dr. Ashtanga: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Downward Dog

Getting High in Aomori

I’m a sucker for anything that involves even the most minor of heights (see: bungee jumping, my penchant for hiking to mountaintops, my obsession with those glass floors in towers), so when one of my neighboring ALTs threw out an invitation to go trampolining  (Is that a verb? If it wasn’t before, now it is.) at a nearby sports arena, my interest was automatically piqued. I’d known that that it was a weekly thing that a few of my cohorts went to on a semi-regular basis, but I’d never gotten motivated enough to go myself. This year, though, I’ve decided to get as many new experiences as I can (read: not be an anti-social hermit), so I headed out of the eastern side of the city for some good old fashioned bouncing around.

This is my “ooooh, that’s a little high, please don’t send me off onto the floor” face.

Continue reading Getting High in Aomori