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Throwback Thursday: Muse in Manchester

Usually, delicious food and breath-taking views are the main reasons I travel, but when I headed to the United Kingdom for the first time in the fall of 2010, it wasn’t either of those things that were calling my name. No, my first time setting foot in the northern city of Manchester was caused by my rampant, often obsessive love for the alternative rock band, Muse. Yes, I was that fangirl, the one who crossed an ocean to spend a single weekend in another country, only to pop back to America on Sunday to get home in time for the first class of the semester on Monday morning. Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Muse in Manchester

8 Tips to Surviving Concerts in Japan

This post also appears over on Mind Equals Blown. When I posted the piece I wrote about music and relationships, I’d mentioned that I would hopefully get to write for MEB more in the future. I’m pretty stoked to announce that they asked me join their staff as a bi-weekly columnist, so that hope is now firmly grounded in reality.  Hurrah for that!


When I first moved to Japan, one of my major concerns, right after figuring out how to buy stamps at the post office and how to order extra pickled ginger with my sushi, was getting to shows. I am absolutely that kind of person who saves their concert tickets for years (and frames them too, for the favorites bands), gets rib bruises from hanging over the barrier, and coaxes setlists from the guys behind the soundboards. And I was worried that when I shipped off to rural northern Japan, those opportunities would disappear, that, for whatever reason, I wouldn’t be getting to any shows at all. Continue reading 8 Tips to Surviving Concerts in Japan