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What’s the Point of Bucket Lists?

It happens fairly often. Lonely Planet, Intrepid Travel, G Adventures, or Matador will tweet or post a picture of some unearthly landscape. I’ll open said picture and then exhale a sigh that’s usually a mixture of envy (of the photographer) and wonder (of the incredible world we inhabit). I’m in love with my job teaching English in Japan, but when I’m sitting at work, elbow-deep in grading final exams or wading through three hundred essays, all it takes is a picture of some far-off city to send me to Kayak to look up the cost of plane tickets. Just in case. It never hurts to know, right? Once I pry myself off WikiTravel, I head to my desktop to open a file simply titled “Bucket List.” And then yet another experience or city or landmark gets added to an already substantial catalog. Continue reading What’s the Point of Bucket Lists?

One for the Bucket List

Climbing Mount Fuji has been on my “to do” list ever since I moved to Japan. I was bound and determined to make it to that summit, and the fact that Mount Fuji was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site this year, which meant that the already numerous visitors would likely steeply increase in the coming years, lit a fire under me to accomplish my goal sooner, rather than later.

And so it begins!
And so it begins! It was amazing how much cooler it felt, even only at the 5th Station.

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