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How ‘Bout Them Apples?

This post has been a long time coming – more than a month, in fact. The first weekend of November, when snow was merely a worry for the distant future, a few friends and I made the trek out to Hirosaki to pick apples. Growing up in the northeastern part of the United States, I’d always had a few apple orchards within close proximity, but somehow, picking apples was never part of my life.

The apple orchards of Hirosaki Apple Park.
The apple orchards of Hirosaki Apple Park.
Literally, golden and delicious.
Literally, golden and delicious.

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Channeling My Inner Grizzly Bear: おいらせ町 鮭 まつり

One of the things that I love most about Japan is the fact that there always seems to be some random festival being held. Whether it’s based around food (like Oma’s annual tuna festival), nature (such as Hirosaki’s autumnal foliage festival), or simply taking to the streets to dance the night away (here’s looking at you, Nebuta), Japan has countless festivals throughout the year.

Though some are about as culturally traditional as you can get, newer festivals still pop up all over the place. This past weekend, I make the trip to one such event: the 8th annual Oirase Salmon (sake, 鮭) Festival. Oirase’s one of the smaller towns in Aomori; anytime I hear the name, I automatically think of “Oirase Gorge,” which is actually about 45 kilometers from the town itself. Continue reading Channeling My Inner Grizzly Bear: おいらせ町 鮭 まつり

Just Give Me a Sign

Throughout my time in Japan, I’ve happened upon some pretty hilarious, entertaining, and just all-around intriguing signs. This is a collection of some of my favorites. There’s no real unifying theme or fact that applies to them all. They’re from various different prefectures throughout Japan and call attention to everything from proper etiquette for interacting with deer to a “real” American burger. The humor in a fair number of them comes from their English translations, but some are amusing regardless of the language. Continue reading Just Give Me a Sign

Snapshots of Autumn

Autumn’s by far my favorite season, and Japan’s version is one of the most beautiful I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. It may be short and fleeting, but autumn in northern Japan still provides you with enough signs to let you know it’s arrived in all of its full-blown, scarlet-leaved glory.

I live in the neighborhood of 桜川, which translates to “cherry blossom river” in English. In autumn, however, it might as well be called 紅葉川, or “autumn leaf river.”

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2013 Hirosaki Apple Marathon

Runner #5318, reporting in.
Runner #5318, reporting in.

I like to think that Coaches Patterson and Donovan, my junior high cross country coaches, would have be proud of me. As I mentioned in this post, it wasn’t until the past eighteen months or so that running became a regular part of my life. Six months ago, running even two miles without pause was beyond me, but during the first weekend of October, I successfully completed the 10K race in the annual Hirosaki Apple Marathon. When I’d originally signed up, I’d flirted with the idea of running the half marathon. While I probably could have done it, I likely would’ve kept up a steady inner monologue of choice expletives, so I’m pretty satisfied with having finished the 10K. Continue reading 2013 Hirosaki Apple Marathon

Throw Some Curry on the Barbecue

Another year, another field trip. This past Monday was Aomori High School’s annual school excursion. I wrote about it last year, but seeing as I rarely miss out on a chance to gush about eating delicious food with my kids, I couldn’t resist writing about this year’s trip, too.

Hard at work, slaving over the grill.
Hard at work, slaving over the grill.

Most of the teachers move through the grades as the students do, meaning that the graduating seniors will have been taught by the same teachers for three years when they leave for college. I, however, am forever stuck with the first-year students, which means this year’s trip was basically a repeat of last year’s. Not that I’m complaining. It gives me a chance to get to know my students outside of class. And even if there weren’t massive amounts of food involved, I’d love it just for the view. Continue reading Throw Some Curry on the Barbecue