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Throwback Thursday – Lamma Island

Lamma Island in Hong Kong is one of my absolute favorite spots that I’ve visited on my travels. I know that it seems like I say that about every place I been, but if you asked me right now where I’d want to retire and lounge for the rest of my days, it’d be a difficult choice between Lamma Island and Kuta on Lombok.

The harbor of Yung Shue Wan
The harbor of Yung Shue Wan

A bare half-hour ferry ride away from the hustling, bustling chaos that is the main metropolis of Hong Kong, Lamma is a tiny little island where a far simpler way of life reigns supreme. Aside from a few ATVs that are used to haul around supplies, there are absolutely no motorized vehicles. In addition, none of the buildings are allowed to have more than seven hundred square feet per floor. To put it lightly, the people of Lamma aren’t yearning for the city life. Continue reading Throwback Thursday – Lamma Island

Throwback Thursday – Dim Sum Nirvana at Tim Ho Wan

Seeing as it’s Thanksgiving back in America, I thought I’d focus this Throwback Thursday on food. If you’ve read mostly any post on my blog, you know that one of the things I love most about traveling is the vast variety of foods I consume on the road. From still-bloody tuna sashimi in Japan to fiercely spicy curry in Indonesia to macarons fresh from La Duree in Paris, some of my most memorable moments involve scarfing down some delicious food.

Two of the best meals I’ve ever eaten, independent of country, price range, and style of cuisine, were definitely the meals I ate at Tim Ho Wan, a tiny dim sum restaurant hidden in the streets of Mong Kok in Hong Kong. I consider the two totally equal highlights of my trip to be bungy-jumping and eating at Tim Ho Wan. That should give you an idea of just how delicious this food is.

Continue reading Throwback Thursday – Dim Sum Nirvana at Tim Ho Wan

Introducing Throwback Thursday — Macau

A few weeks ago, I finally cracked and signed up for an Instagram account, despite swearing for months that I’d never succumb to that trend. I blame my new iPhone, with its lightning-fast processor and crystal-clear pictures, two qualities my old Android was sorely lacking. Anyway, I Instagram pics like a pro now, and I’m especially taken with the “Throwback Thursday” trend. I figured that TBT would work pretty well for my blog. One of the things I regret most is that I only started blogging fourteen months or so ago, because I didn’t have a chance to write about any of my past travels. Now, though, that’s going to change. Continue reading Introducing Throwback Thursday — Macau