“I am a leaf on the wind; watch how I soar.” Those words, spoken by the ill-fated pilot of Serenity (rest in peace, Wash, I mourn you still), have defined my life for the past few years. I don’t like to stay in one place. I like to go out, to explore, to see parts of the world to which pictures just don’t do justice.

I first stepped foot outside America in July of 2006. For ten days, I’d headed to Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Lichtenstein with a German study group from my high school. When I returned, I knew I’d never stop travelling if I could help it. Six years later, I’ve lived in two foreign countries, traveled to over a dozen more, and have a “to visit” list that’s as long as a summer day in Denmark. (That’s really, really long, FYI.) When I returned from my first longterm foray out of my home country – a four month study abroad program in Cologne, Germany – my mother jokingly remarked, “We’ll have to nail your feet down to keep you on this side of the border, won’t we?”

Thankfully, no hardware tools have come near my feet, and as such, I’ve been globe-trotting as far and as often as I can. For five years after I graduated from university, I lived in Aomori, Japan, where I taught English. This past year, I changed locales; for now, I’ve set up home in Gangneung, South Korea, a small city on the eastern coast that will soon play host to the Olympics next winter. This blog is about the adventures I encounter both within Korea and the other myriad places I hope to trek to.

Kicking it at Nebuta Festival, Aomori’s main summer event.

I’m also a geek. Passionately, fanatically, wholeheartedly so. Every cell within me has the geek chromosome, and oh, how it has manifested itself. The range of my geekery knows no bounds and reaches far and wide into the musical, cinematic, television, literary, and musical territories. Battlestar Galactica? You better frakkin’ believe it. Shakespeare? Well, I prefer Keats and Blake, but the Bard is a good start. Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Please. I live on the Hellmouth! (Not an exaggeration, there’s a mountain in Aomori said to be the entrance to the underworld.) Comic books? Oh, I’ll champion Marvel’s superiority over DC till I turn blue. Firefly? Diehard Browncoat till the end. Harry Potter? Ravenclaw, born and bred. Doctor Who? I’d make a damn good Companion, if I do say so myself. A Song of Ice and Fire? Aomori’s prefectural motto should be “winter is coming.” I worship at Joss Whedon’s altar. I want my own TARDIS. I’d drink tea with vervain if  I lived in Mystic Falls. I’d kill to matriculate at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. And I’ve been known to throw up the “live long and prosper” gesture more than a few times. So don’t be surprised if geek-related posts work their way in here too.

Only one of many, many occurrences.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Just saw your blog on freshly pressed and clicked on. I lived in Japan for a year and taught English for a short time. I learned that teaching is not for everyone. You’d think it would be easy to teach a subject you grow up doing. Not so. I admire you. And your travels sound exciting. Looking forward to reading more.


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