View from the Top (Of Aomori High School)

Mountains in the distance.
Mountains in the distance.

Aomori might lack a lot of things, but if there’s one thing of which I’ve never experienced a shortage, it’s good views. Whoever built Aomori High School gets a gold star from me, because all of the standard classrooms’ windows face the mountains. So basically any time I’m teaching, I can look out the window and see that view. I also face a similar scenery during a good portion of my morning runs, and those mountains definitely help to take my mind off of the cramps in my side, the sweat on my brow, or the ever-present twinge of shin splints in my legs.

The phone on my camera doesn’t really do it justice, but that landscape never fails to bring a smile to my face. And on gorgeous summery days like today, when the sun is shining and the sky has its fair share of puffy, cotton-white clouds, it’s even better.

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