Sure You Just Don’t Want My Firstborn?

Sure You Just Don't Want My Firstborn?

Spring has finally, finally, finally properly arrived in Aomori. The first of the cherry blossoms have begun to open, I haven’t turned on my heater in more than three weeks, and there’s no danger of freezing any extremities when I run at 5:45 in the morning.

Spring also means that a whole new host of fruit has shown up in the produce section of my grocery store…including very expensive watermelon. Ten USD for a tiny one, fifteen bucks for a medium, and nearly twenty-five dollars for a “large.” My wallet cringes at the mere thought of coughing up that much dough.

In my previous American life, I worked on a produce farm for nine straight summers. Our watermelons were huge, the smallest probably weighing in at the same weight as the largest here…and I don’t remember ever selling them for more than about six dollars. My living expenses here are laughably, ridiculously low (Case in point: all of my bills for the past month totaled just over $260.), but once in a while, I happen upon something that totally flips that scenario.

Watermelons are a prime example. The weather needs to be a tad bit more summery before I indulge, I think.

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