Signing (Another Year Of) My Life Away

Signing (Another Year Of) My Life Away

Despite the rather ominous tone of the title, this is a wholly happy post. I think the last time I was this happy to put a pen to paper was when I signed my initial acceptance of a position within the JET Programme. In fact, I think there was a ten-second total turnaround time from when my supervisor handed me my recontracting form.

Despite being away from my friends and family, I’ve decided to stay in Japan another year (at least), through July 31, 2014.

Even though I do greatly miss parts of the life I left behind in America, I’m not ready to leave Aomori yet. In between teaching lessons, eating sushi, and paying off student loans, something really strange happened: I went ahead and built a life here. It’s not as stable or complex as the one I left behind in America (not by a long shot), but it’s not one I’m ready to abandon just yet. Aomori will remain my home because I love this job and, more importantly, because I love this life…

…and also because I’ve only recently discovered how cheap tickets to India and Nepal are from Japan, and I don’t plan on leaving till I take advantage of that.

3 thoughts on “Signing (Another Year Of) My Life Away”

    1. Thanks! Are you staying, too?

      And I found roundtrip tickets from with China Eastern for ~$500. Granted, there’s a 12-hour layover in China on the way back, but I’d say it definitely balances out…


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