Getting High in Aomori

I’m a sucker for anything that involves even the most minor of heights (see: bungee jumping, my penchant for hiking to mountaintops, my obsession with those glass floors in towers), so when one of my neighboring ALTs threw out an invitation to go trampolining  (Is that a verb? If it wasn’t before, now it is.) at a nearby sports arena, my interest was automatically piqued. I’d known that that it was a weekly thing that a few of my cohorts went to on a semi-regular basis, but I’d never gotten motivated enough to go myself. This year, though, I’ve decided to get as many new experiences as I can (read: not be an anti-social hermit), so I headed out of the eastern side of the city for some good old fashioned bouncing around.

This is my “ooooh, that’s a little high, please don’t send me off onto the floor” face.

 My family had always had a trampoline when I was growing up, but I was totally unprepared for just how bouncy these trampolines were. I’d been all gung-ho from the start, but it only took me a few minutes and several close calls with the trampoline’s borders to realize I had to tone down my eagerness unless I wanted a broken ankle…or neck.

I relinquished my spot on one of the larger tramps and relegated myself to one of the smaller ones to build up my confidence. And it was there that I realized that what I lacked in expertise, I made up for in hair movement. Basically, I turn into Cousin It while bouncing with my hair down. (And even with my hair up, I still look like I’ve gone through a tornado afterwards.)

Hair, everywhere.
…absolutely everywhere.

As I discovered, high-flying bounces also give me a wicked case of the giggles, á la a six-year-old girl. I absolutely could not stop laughing hysterically while jumping. Then again, I also got the giggles while bungee jumping, so it really shouldn’t come as any surprise.

Unlike my two younger sisters, I’d always been pretty content with sticking to the basic up-down bounce. No flips for me, as I’d figured I probably would’ve taken my own knee to my nose. Last night, though, once I’d built up a bit of confidence and the ability to bounce without the danger of getting intimate with the hardwood floors, I decided to give flips a go. They weren’t perfect, but after only a few tries, I was better at front flips than I’d ever been as a kid.

Though as proud as I was of my half-successful front flips, some of the other ALTs absolutely put me to shame.

Ryan's back flips were pretty impressive.
Ryan’s back flips were pretty impressive.
Same with Travis’s.
…and with Kyle’s.

Back flips are most definitely on the agenda for next week. Next week? Yeah, I can definitely see this becoming part of my weekly schedule. Definitely beats my usual Wednesday night of sitting at home and watching a few episodes of whatever TV show I’m marathoning through.

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